What's That Flat?


A word or phrase is divided into two or more others by taking alternate letters in order. For example, schooled shoe, cold ; or lacerated let, are, cad . The shorter parts need not be all the same length. (In the example, the asterisks indicate capitalized words.)


In *ONE’s the world’s most famous mausoleum;
Hawaii’s where they garland you with TWOs.
The nomads (I would rather see than be ‘em)
Of ALL remove Saharan sand from shoes.

=Corn Cob

The solution: Algeria Agra, lei .

When the shorter parts are single words-as in the above example-enumeration is given only for the longest part; it’s easy to deduce the lengths of the shorter parts from this.

The alternade was introduced by L’Allegro in June 1917.

Because there seem to be few good bases for alternades, this type has never been very common. However, it forms the basis for the more popular rebus alternade, or rebade.