What's That Flat?


A word or phrase is broken into two or more shorter ones.

scar + city scarcity

The spelling of each part remains the same, though pronunciation may change.

outré + ached outreached


A box of fudge, some gingersnaps
(Or other tasty ONE), a gay
Corsage (an orchid — WHOLE, perhaps)
Might well have won her-yesterday.
But in this modern TWO, old ways
Of wooing leave her bored and cold.
You need a gimmick nowadays —
Though diamond rings still work, I’m told.

=Windjammer and Uncanny

goody + era Goodyera

Only the enumeration of the longest word or phrase (WHOLE) is given. The solver has to figure out the lengths of the shorter parts. However, it is noted if any shorter part is capitalized, hyphenated, or a phrase.

Phonetic charade

The pronunciation of each part remains the same, though spelling may change.

haste + axe . haystacks

Reversed charade

The parts are assembled and then reversed to produce the whole word or phrase.

red + rum murder