What's That Flat?


A word or phrase becomes another when reversed. For example: desserts stressed .

REVERSAL (2 4, 6) (TWO = NI3+ usage)

“But Ham, Daddy told us to place in the Ark
A unicorn, minotaur, griffon, and snark.”
“Those critters are ONE, and they cannot be TWO.
There’s too many now, Shem-we’re taking the shrew,
Giraffe, monkey, elephant, lion, and lamb.”
If you mourn for the loss of the dragon-blame Ham.

=Dumbo, A.

The solution: de trop ported .

In the bigram reversal, two-letter chunks are reversed instead of single letters. There aren’t many of these; one example is se-ra-ph ph-ra-se .

If one or both parts are not dictionary entries, the puzzle is not a reversal but a mynoreteh.