What's That Flat?


Has no cuewords. Instead, each stanza provides clues, more or less obliquely, to one solutions word or phrase. Italian-style flats also have a secondary title that refers to the overall subject that makes the puzzle appear to hang together (but which, of course, is another layer of subterfuge that the solver must try to see through). Hot introduced Italian-style puzzles, and the following example was written for the article that introduced these flats and picture flats to the modern NPL in the August 1999 issue of The Enigma.


To a Young Boxer
When training, you must choose a coach —
A famous name will help a bunch.
A bell will sound; you’ll see approach
A man. What does he bring? A punch!
If then you find you’re laid out flat,
Just rise again. It’s true, I see,
You weren’t that good, but what of that?
Now you can sting just like a bee!

= Lunch Boy

The solution: Amtrak, karma.