What's That Flat?

Overloaded flats

Overloaded flats are puzzles in which a cueword can stand for any of two or more solution words.


It’s time to start the bacchanal;
Everyone disrobes. I count
Eleven folks (an odd amount)
Who’ll cause the bed to rock, in all.
I’m feeling just a little shy,
So I check out the dinner spread.
It’s just some veggies on a bed
Of stir-fried noodles, which I try—
It stinks! But it’s the only food,
So I fill up a plate and wander
Back to the bedroom, where I ponder
What to do. It might be rude
To cut in on a busy pair,
And everyone seems occupied …
Back to the kitchen. I must confide,
I’m not enjoying this AFFAIR.

=Lunch Boy

The solution: lo mein, love-in .